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A dream of Schwanensee

Ballet Dancing - A Dream of Swan Lake

Ballet is a familiar term to everyone, and when you think of ballet, you immediately envision the three little swans from Swan Lake. You think of a graceful prima ballerina, with tightly combed-back hair, extending her feet and skillfully tiptoeing. Ballet is classical dance predominantly performed to classical music. Through ballet dance, different stories are told on stage. Ballet performances stylistically resemble opera, operetta, or even a musical. In all these pieces, everything on stage is primarily expressed musically. While opera involves singing, ballet involves dancing.

Ballet - the history from then till now

Ballet dance originated in the 15th and 16th centuries. Performances were presented to entertain guests at the French and Italian aristocratic palaces. During this time, predominantly men danced on stage. Over the years, women also joined ballet, and in the 17th century, the first ballet groups were formed, conducting tours around the world. Today, ballet is a creative dance that has shed its dusty image. Ballet is genuinely modern and offers dancers the opportunity to express emotions through dance. Typically, one might think that to learn ballet properly, you need to start at an early age. And it's true; to become a prima ballerina at the opera, one should start ballet dancing at around the age of 3. However, not everyone wants to become a professional dancer. For most, it's essential to move to music and process emotions.

Learning Ballet Dancing - A Beautiful Hobby for Young and Old

Even if you have outgrown childhood, it's not too late to start ballet dancing. Ballet offers many advantages. This dance is perfect for an optimal and graceful posture. Once you've started ballet, you'll quickly notice that you walk more upright and move more gracefully in everyday life. In addition to classical ballet training, there's also modern ballet dance with accents from jazz dance and modern or contemporary dance. You don't need a dance partner to start ballet; you can dance alone or in a group. If you're looking for an opportunity to ballet dance in your vicinity, you can register with Let's Dance. Perhaps soon, you'll be dancing on pointe to classical or modern music.

Video Preview - Ballet

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