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The American dance Balboa

Balboa – A dance of the 1930s and 1940s

The Balboa is a swing dance. It is named after the Balboa Peninsula where it was invented became. The island is in California. It achieved greatest popularity in the 1930s and 1940s, where the... Music and swing dancing in general were very popular. Even today he is one of them most popular dances. The dance stands out due to its special footwork. The Balboa is usually included closed posture and danced in eight beats. The closed posture means the dance is always suitable when there is little space on the dance floor and fast music is played.

The Balboa can be divided into two basic forms: the Pure Balboa and the Bal-Swing. While at Pure Balboa is danced very tightly, the Bal swing also incorporates twists and spins. The narrow basic attitude however, remains in place. The dancers often touch each other from their hips to their shoulders. Generally The dance usually takes place in a small area. Quick turns are possible due to the narrow stance and fast rhythms are preferred. Well-known figures in the dance are throwouts, paddles or twists.

The Balboa is making a comeback in clubs and bars these days. This is exactly where it was invented. In In Los Angeles and New Orleans, Balboa dancers can be found in many clubs. Also in Europe, especially in France and England, the Balboa is enjoying new popularity. But you can also find many in Berlin active dancers.

Let's Dance: Balboa

If you want to learn this special dance, you shouldn't have any inhibitions towards your partner. Physical Closeness and intimacy are the characteristics of this dance. However, you shouldn't think of the dance as too erotic introduce.

First, the basic step must be mastered properly. It is important that the upper body moves as little as possible move, but your feet move faster. Furthermore, good body tension and body control are important necessary.

For an audience, the dance usually seems a bit uninteresting because the dancers hardly move from their position remove. The dance is also referred to as a “dance for the dancers” rather than a “dance for spectators”. The The dancers have the most fun.

Lass-Tanzen: The right dance partner and the right course

You have now become curious and would like to learn the Balboa, but you are still missing the right one Dance partner? No problem. Lass-Tanzen has specialized in exactly this: for those interested in dance helped here to find the right dance partner. Taking into account your dance level and the dances that you would like to learn, and taking into account your place of residence, options will be available to you after you register Dance partner suggested. Together you can find the right course with the support of Lass-Tanzen. Registration and searching are free of charge for you. Now nothing stands in the way of Balboa.

Video Preview - Balboa

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