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Paso Doble

Between torero and flamenco dancer

The Spaniard among Latin American Dances

The Paso Doble originated in the 19th century in Spain. Since 1945, it has been a competitive dance and has been part of the World Dance Program since 1963. This progressive dance moves the dance couple across the entire dance floor. What makes Paso Doble special is that it revolves around the theme of a bullfight. The male dancer embodies the bullfighter, while the female dancer represents the famous red cloth. Paso Doble is, therefore, a partner dance. The steps and beats are distinctive, reminiscent of march music. Paso Doble is accentuated and brimming with sensuality and passion.

The Game between the Matador and Flamenco Dancer

Paso Doble is highly passionate, and dancers express their pride in this dance. The head is held high, and the posture is grand and confident. This dance is full of tension and tells captivating stories. Everyone looks forward to a dance interpretation of an exciting bullfight, and you are right in the midst of it. Predecessors of Paso Doble were danced by the Sinti and Roma, known as Gitanos, in Andalusia and along the Iberian coast as early as the 16th century. The name might come from the translated "double step," with no explicit explanation to this day. Although Paso Doble is a Latin American dance with Spanish roots, the dance figures often have resonant French names, as many typical figures were choreographed in France in the 1920s.

Fiery and Proud Emotions

Paso Doble stands out due to its extremely proud posture and powerful accents compared to all other dances. As soon as the dancers enter the dance floor, the music starts, and the first steps are taken, there is no doubt that it is the energetic Paso Doble. The matador pulls back his shoulder blades, and the hips move forward. Excitement builds, and the battle begins. If you would like to dance Paso Doble but lack the ideal matador, sign up for Lass-Tanzen. Here you can register and have a good chance of finding the ideal partner for a musical bullfight in your area.

Video Preview - Paso Doble

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