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Dance partner (male) Moni
Moni is a dance partner (female) from Bonn (1,63m, 43 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Tango Argentino.
Dance partner (male) EqualityTaenzer
Dance partner (male) Walberbergerin

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You enjoy dancing? Then Bonn offers you a lot in the realm of dance schools and dance courses. Max7 and Lepehne-Herbst are just two of the addresses that have a resonant name in the dance circles of Bonn am Rhein. Both have multiple branches in the Bonn area and cater to passionate dancers from beginners to tournament professionals. If you've always dreamed of a salsa course, want to discover the Tango, or glide across the dance floor in the Viennese waltz, you need more than just rhythm in your blood: the right dance partner. Finding one is not always a matter of chance, sometimes it's helpful to take a proactive approach instead of just waiting. A dance partner platform could bring you closer to your dream. Lass-Tanzen helps you competently when a dance partner is sought in Bonn.
The people of Bonn are cheerful Rheinlanders. Accordingly, going out and celebrating are highly valued here. Clubs, dance venues, and party locations can be found not only in Bonn's city center but also in the surrounding towns like Königswinter. Often, Bonn's night owls also venture to Cologne, as it is quickly accessible and a media metropolis with a high density of celebrities and a party scene that never really stops. Bonn also has a lot to offer culturally. Renowned museums, Ludwig van Beethoven's birthplace, or attending a theater show in Bonn are always worthwhile. Dancing is enjoyed a lot. Particularly, the city's major dance schools offer a rich array of weekend and evening events – and, of course, courses for every dance style your heart desires. To find other people who share your passion for dancing, a dance partner platform is a good choice. Waiting to encounter a dance partner in Bonn, perhaps at the supermarket checkout, might not be the fastest way to an evening in three-quarter time.


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