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Dance partner (male) Tanguera51
Tanguera51 is a dance partner (female) from Bremen (1,75m, 51 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Standard.
Dance partner (male) Cleo79

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Who doesn't know the story of the Brothers Grimm, where a dog, cat, rooster, and donkey formed a band but never reached Bremen? Nonetheless, since 1951, the famous bronze sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians has adorned the Rathausplatz in Germany's smallest state. And they say: If you gently touch the donkey's legs, you'll have good luck – or are you turning into a donkey yourself? Because sometimes, despite stroking like crazy, there's no dance partner in sight. So, what to do? At the latest, since the broadcast of the TV dance show "Let's Dance," the people of Bremen have also been infected with the dance fever. The audience has changed significantly. In the past, it was a societal must for parents to enroll their growing children in dance courses. The procedure was as follows: in a large hall, there was a piano, a row of boys faced a row of girls, and in the middle stood the dance teacher couple. As a sign of respect, the gentlemen bowed to the ladies, and then the legendary dance lessons began. The crowning glory was the rigid final ball, where all dance students had to showcase their skills in front of their parents. Later, in the sixties, many teenagers rebelled as they wanted to clearly distance themselves from the conservative establishment. Boys let their hair grow long, girls ditched their bras, and the generation moved to the music following their own sense of rhythm. However, as often happens, social dance has experienced a boom in recent times, and partner dancing is at the top of the popularity scale.
Many people in Bremen dream of dancing, of a sense of rhythm, graceful elegance, and synchronous partner dancing. However, once a great dance school is found, the project often fails due to the lack of a partner. In many places, you can read on notices: "Dance partner wanted in Bremen!" However, this type of partner search is usually time-consuming, annoying, and can ultimately spoil the joy of dancing. Therefore, a much more effective approach is to search in a reputable dance partner platform. You'll be amazed at how many male and female dance enthusiasts there are near you. They, too, want to learn the Viennese Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Modern Dance, and more. So, quickly fill out the registration form on Lass-Tanzen, and soon you'll have found the perfect dance partner in Bremen! What you should also know: Besides the fun factor, regular swinging of the dance legs is good for your health.


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