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Dance partner (male) Sternenhimmel
Sternenhimmel is a dance partner from Dresden (1,73m, 22 years ) and is looking for a dance partner (female) for Standard.
Dance partner (male) Anne

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Dancing connects. Who doesn't fondly remember their first dance class at school? Floating arm in arm over the dance floor with the boy you secretly liked. The boy may not have stayed, but the fun of dancing certainly has? Find a dance partner who is perfect for you and compete with the couples at the Semper Opera Ball. Perhaps you'll be part of the next ball! Lass-Tanzen is an online dance partner exchange where you find the right, the perfect partner for your hobby. Are you married but your husband is not into dancing? Find a dance partner in Dresden and then simply go to the movies with your husband. Get to know completely new people who share your hobby and your passion for movement and enjoy learning new steps and figures together with you. In addition to the right dance partner, you'll find plenty of dance schools, individual dance courses, and single dance events right in your area.
Find a dance partner in Dresden quickly and easily. You just have to register with your email address, and with a click on our dance partner platform, you'll find the right dance partner in Dresden. Whether you're 30, 50, or 70 years old, here you'll find the perfect companion for your new dance adventure. Study the famous lift from Dirty Dancing, tap dance like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, whirl around in the style of Rock 'n Roll, or surprise your wife with your secretly learned dance steps. Here, you'll find the ideal Dresden dance partner. We help you with that. Simply enter 'Dance partner Dresden wanted' and find the perfect partner.


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