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Dance partner (male) Ronja
Ronja is a dance partner (female) from Erfurt (1,72m, 33 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Salsa.
Dance partner (male) Lion
Dance partner (male) Geo

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For those who dance, they know that dancing is the most beautiful hobby in the world. Nothing could be more dreamlike than forgetting the world and its worries with one's partner, moving synchronously in dance steps, and living only for the moment. The almost meditative state in the physicality of movement and the concentration of the mind in dance is stress-relieving and healthy. Dance is a quite strenuous endurance sport, but the exertion is forgotten above the enjoyment. There's only one problem with dance: Rumba and Salsa, Slow Waltz, and Tango Argentino cannot be danced alone. And for those without a partner, it means looking for a dance partner in Erfurt. But here, the dance partner platform Lass-Tanzen provides a solution! Here, you can enter your dance preferences concretely, from your favorite dance to height and the desired dance level. Are you looking for a dance partner in Erfurt for a unique dance experience, attending a ball, or taking a trial class? Or would you like to attend a dance course? Enter your preferences as detailed as possible in the input form, and the dance partner platform Lass-Tanzen will present you with precisely the dance partners in Erfurt that match your wishes.
The Tanzhaus Erfurt has almost everything in its program that one could wish for from a dance school: Standard and Latin, Salsa and Tango Argentino, Swing and Lindy Hop. The Tanzkreation Erfurt offers not only Standard and Latin, Salsa and Discofox, Swing and Lindy Hop but also Rock'n'Roll and a broad fitness program from Zumba to Yoga and Pilates to Aerobics. Also noteworthy is the Tanzschule Leichtfüßig, where the name seems to be the program itself. Here, you can learn social dance with Viennese Waltz and Samba as well as Discofox, the Latin American dances Salsa, Rumba, and Jive. The ADTV dance school Traut, in addition to the World Dance Program, offers Salsa and Discofox. Dance circles and a Salsa club complete the program. The Tanzschule Gerber teaches, in addition to the usual repertoire, West Coast Swing and Paso Doble. In a separate Latin course, you can learn the South American dances Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. The Esquina del Tango is dedicated entirely to Tango Argentino. In addition to courses, it offers practice evenings, occasional Tango cafes, and a Tango bar. And for those who want to learn and train all this in a club that also provides the opportunity to enter competitive dancing, there's the Tanzsportverein Grün-Gold Erfurt.


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