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Dance partner (male) Marcy
Marcy is a dance partner (female) from Duisburg (1,72m, 57 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Discofox.
Dance partner (male) Lisa
Dance partner (male) Victor

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For a long time, Essen has been widely known for its variety of cultural opportunities – exhibitions, theaters, and events attract thousands of people daily, both from the city and the surrounding areas. And for hobby dancers, the metropolis in the Ruhr area has a lot to offer. From dance clubs to discos and well-known dance schools, there is around-the-clock entertainment and opportunities for some fancy footwork. Renowned dance schools like Tanzschule Overrath, Tanzschule Lentz, or Tanzschule Marcus Jöhri – to name just a few – provide a diverse range of youth, adult, and senior courses. Dance enthusiasts can learn everything here: from HipHop and Discofox to Tango, there is a suitable and professional offering for every taste. However, many dances can only be learned and enjoyed with a partner. And not everyone is fortunate enough to have the perfect dance partner in their circle of friends. Hence, the often heard phrase "Looking for a dance partner in Essen." Our dance partner platform now solves this problem...
Dancing is more than just a hobby for many. Regardless of the dance style one practices, it ultimately involves surrendering to the music and creating a harmonious, physically challenging, yet joyful experience together with a partner. Moving to the music brings joy to the heart, and the shared experience of dance with the right partner is both a workout and relaxation. Exploring new things together and perfecting what you've learned is a challenge that remains exciting. Finding the perfect dance partner in Essen can be a real adventure. We at Lass-Tanzen are more than happy to help you embark on this adventure. What is your favorite dance? What have you always wanted to learn? Which steps do you practice daily at home? And wouldn't it be much more enjoyable to do all of this with the right partner? If you share this sentiment, then you are in the right place!


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