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Dance partner (male) Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem is a dance partner (female) from Rüsselsheim (1,63m, 60 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Standard-Latein, Salsa, Tango Argentino.
Dance partner (male) Erik
Dance partner (male) Olli

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»Mainhattan« has a lot to offer – also for dance enthusiasts. A variety of dance schools, clubs, and other dance opportunities present you, as a lover of the most beautiful hobby in the world, with the sweet agony of choice: Which one is the best for your specific wishes and visions? Unfortunately, there is a downside to the passion for a romantic waltz, a sensual rumba, or a fiery tango Argentino: The right partner is often not easy to find. But the dance partner exchange Lass-Tanzen provides a remedy and brings together what belongs together! You just need to register and then you can search specifically for your dream partner. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a dance partner in Frankfurt for a course in an ADTV dance school or want to try a new location where salsa or tango Argentino is offered.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover the diverse dance opportunities together with a partner who suits you and shares your dance desires? This dance partner exchange helps you find your dance partner in Frankfurt. There are the dance courses of the world dance program in ADTV dance schools like Tanzschule Bauer. It focuses on the not-so-young audience and also offers special courses for boogie, swing, rock'n'roll, discofox, and more. Then there is Tanzschule Wernecke, which offers unusual dances like rockfox or Friesenrock, in addition to the usual ones. Like most other dance schools, both of these organize weekly dance parties where you can practice and train what you have learned. And they offer dance clubs for those who want to continue cultivating their passion for dance at Goldstar or hobby level. There are also the special offers of the CreaDance dance schools like Academia de Tango, where you can learn Tango Argentino as well as Flamenco and Salsa. The Salsonic Dance Company teaches Latin American dances. There is even an offer for folk and square dance.


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