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Dance partner (male) Brit
Brit is a dance partner (female) from Hamburg (1,64m, 58 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Salsa, Standard, Standard-Latein.
Dance partner (male) Freund
Dance partner (male) Gerhard
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Hamburg, the pearl of the north, has much to offer for singles and couples alike. Those who have ever vacationed by the Elbe River know that the city covers a broad spectrum. From the fish market, opera, and theater to the famous Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, the city is versatile and never boring. Hamburg is also an exceptionally attractive city for the dance world. Dance venues and clubs are not limited to the Reeperbahn; there is something for every taste. The range extends from rustic Nordic bars to modern house clubs that attract audiences of all ages. Even for unconventional tastes or for a slightly different experience, Hamburg has the right venues. Of course, dancers will be fully satisfied. The right dance venues for standard, Latin, freestyle, and all other variations can be found in every district. Dance schools, from small family businesses to large chains, are also present in Hamburg. Whether you want to take your first dance class, are an intermediate dancer, or already have experience as a competitive dancer, or if you're looking for a dance formation – every enthusiast can find the right school to dance at the appropriate level.
But what to do if you're single? Dancing alone can be nice in a club sometimes, but for those who want to dance at an advanced level, having a dance partner is essential. Even non-singles, whose better half doesn't share the same hobby, are looking for a suitable partner. Are you maybe new in town? Or too shy to painstakingly search for the right partner yourself? Hamburg, as one of the largest cities in the country, offers an immense number of people facing the same problem, trying to find a good dance partner in Hamburg. Searching for the right partner on your own can be exciting, but the excitement turns into frustration after failures. However, dancing should be a passion, and one wants to share the excitement, connection, and music with a partner. Those who have already found a dance partner know the adventures waiting in Hamburg.


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