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Dance partner (male) Marcus57
Marcus57 is a dance partner from Hannover (1,73m, 57 years ) and is looking for a dance partner (female) for Standard.
Dance partner (male) Freitag

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Is there anything more beautiful than moving in rhythm with music and gliding over the dance floor with a dance partner? Performing an elegant Viennese waltz, a sensual rumba, or a fiery tango with your partner? Bringing South Seas flair to the German North with a salsa or merengue? Probably not. Definitely not! But what can you do when there's no suitable dance partner at hand? When you're surrounded by non-dancers, perhaps even if you're new to the capital city of Lower Saxony? That's where the dance partner platform Lass-Tanzen comes in handy to find a dance partner in Hannover! Whether you want to learn the classic standard and Latin program with dances like waltz and quickstep, rumba and cha-cha-cha, or if you lean towards passionate Latin rhythms like Tango Argentino, salsa, and merengue. Or perhaps you just want to take a trial class or dance the night away. The right dance partner in Hannover is just a mouse click away!
The dance opportunities in the state capital are diverse. Everyone can find the offering that suits them. The Bothe family dance school, self-proclaimed as the leading one in Hanover, offers, at its three locations, not only regular dance courses but also mini courses of 3 times 1.5 hours for dances such as Viennese waltz or discofox. The Köhler dance school, in addition to the regular standard & Latin course offering, has special courses for discofox and salsa as well. The u-Dance dance school offers a particularly versatile range, including street jazz and Latin jazz, salsa, mambo, kizomba, hip-hop, and cha-cha-cha to bachata. Then there are the dance schools Tango Milieu and Tango Mio, Salsa del Alma Dance Academy, and Caribbean Dance Salsa, all offering more than the dances already mentioned in their names. The Phoenix dance sport club, in addition to competitive dancing, also offers line dance, hip-hop, and breakdance.


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