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Dance partner (male) Heike
Heike is a dance partner (female) from Nürnberg (1,70m, 39 years ) and is looking for a dance partner for Salsa.
Dance partner (male) Annika

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For those with rhythm in their blood, dancing is, of course, the perfect hobby. It is sociable and athletic at the same time, and a city like Nuremberg provides the ideal dance floor to sway to the music on weekends or even during the week. Nuremberg offers everything from scene clubs to sophisticated dance venues, catering to every passionate dancer. Parks, Ballhaus, and Terminal 90 are waiting for you – so what are you waiting for? The biggest obstacle is often a lack of a dance partner: Those without one often reluctantly stay home in the evenings. Going out alone is not everyone's cup of tea. And for those who have tried, they know those evenings when the right dance partner just doesn't seem to appear. So what could be closer than giving fate a little nudge? We competently assist you when a dance partner is sought in Nuremberg.
For those who enjoy going out, Nuremberg provides almost ideal conditions. The Franconian metropolis not only energizes the locals but also draws partygoers from nearby Erlangen and Fürth. The variety of clubs, bars, dance venues, and schools is extensive – whether it's standard, Latin American, or Discofox. Nuremberg also offers a lot in terms of leisure activities. The pedestrian zone boasts a shopping mile that is second to none, and the city is excellently positioned in terms of culture. Whether it's a theater visit or a poetry slam – the city has a lot to offer. Dancing is also part of this cultural diversity of the city. It all depends on the right people coming together: individuals who pursue their passion for dancing, whether as beginners or (almost) professionals. This is where a dance partner exchange becomes the right forum!


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