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Joyful, Feminine, and Healing for Body and Soul

What we associate with the term "Oriental Dance" or "Belly Dance" - a touch of 1001 Nights and enchanting scents - was originally a dance by women, for women. At family celebrations, during childbirth preparations, or in everyday life, they danced with and for each other. However, in the 19th century, when Oriental travelers saw Arab women dance, everything changed. They found the undulating, soft movements of the hips and often uncovered belly fascinating and scandalously erotic. The term "Danse du ventre" or Belly Dance was established. But this dance is much more. It expresses a way of life, danced joy of life, and possibly the oldest dance of humanity.

The Journey of Oriental Dance to Europe

Immigrants brought their culture and dances from their homeland to North America and passed them on to American women. In the 1960s, women of American occupation soldiers brought this knowledge to Germany, and quickly, German women also discovered the fascination and diversity of this dance form. First enthusiasts traveled to Egypt and Turkey to be initiated into the specific techniques by experienced dancers and pass on this knowledge in dance classes. Numerous studios and associations were founded, where dance-loving women and girls still meet today to learn the harmonious movements of the body and exchange ideas. In imaginative, splendidly glittering costumes, they immerse themselves in the fascination of the Orient and feel like oriental princesses - even if only for an evening.

Solo, but Not Alone

Although Oriental dance is not a partner dance, one might think that no dance partner is required. Far from it! The dance thrives on exchange, and it is much more enjoyable to learn, train, and have fun together with others. Instruction in a studio or with an experienced teacher involves the entire body as well as the coordination of hands, arms, and processes, strengthens the pelvic floor, spine, and sense of balance, and contributes to the development of rhythm and overall fitness. Last but not least, another positive development can be observed. Plenty of room for creativity and independence from a partner contribute to a tremendous boost in self-esteem.

In any case, it is worthwhile - if your interest has been piqued - to look for a teacher or, if you already have experience, for a group of like-minded women with whom you can exchange ideas and dance together. Do you find it challenging because you don't know where to look? Then here's the good news, as the "Lass-Tanzen" project was founded specifically for this purpose. The team has made it its mission to connect people, and the community is growing steadily.

There is still much to tell about "Raqs Sharki," the "Dance from the East," and the numerous myths and stories that surround it. But that's all just theory. The best thing is to convince yourself, register, and find the right contacts through Lass-Tanzen.

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