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Tango Argentino

The dance position - close and facing each other

Tango Argentino – A Lifestyle as a Dance

The Tango Argentino originally comes from Argentina and Uruguay. It established itself in Buenos Aires from 1850 and reached Europe after 1920. Over time, the dance style developed distinctive variations in various locations. Initially, the dance was considered decadent and scandalous by the Argentine upper class. However, the majority of the population danced the Tango Argentino with passion and devotion. The through-the-night dances in local dance venues, known as Milongas, became famous in Buenos Aires. To this day, the original dance style of the Tango Argentino is danced there. The rhythm of the music and dance is influenced by African and Latin American elements, embodying pure longing. Initially, it was danced in 2/4 time, but from 1920 predominantly in 4/4 time. The Tango Argentino belongs to the elite class of partner dances and has been popular in European dance schools since the 1980s. The dance style differs significantly from the European-influenced Tango; its dance movements are softer, and the step variations are more diverse.

Passion in Motion

The Tango Argentino consists of different step sequences and turns that can be combined arbitrarily, giving the Tango its own dynamic. The dance posture is close and facing each other. The perfect interplay of movements needs to be learned and is not always achieved initially. Characteristic of the Tango Argentino is the close crossing of the legs, with the feet tracing a figure-eight on the dance floor during turns. The rhythm of the dance can be slow and melancholic or fast and lively. Often, the rhythm changes within a single musical piece, and dance couples must be able to adapt. In classes, the Tango Argentino is taught step by step. Initially, you learn the basic steps and gradually expand your skills. The Tango Argentino is very versatile, and the captivating music makes dancing addictive. You benefit from trained dance teachers who enthusiastically pass on their knowledge and dance skills. Many have started their dance education in Buenos Aires and have intensively studied the origin of the Tango Argentino.

Do You Have Plans for Today?

Tango is very popular, and there are countless dance events that provide platforms for Tango dancers. As a beginner, you learn the first dance steps in respective dance courses. After mastering the basic steps, you attend so-called Prácticas, where Tango is practiced with advanced dancers. Once you feel more confident, it's time to participate in a real Milonga. There, you can observe and emulate dance couples that master the Tango perfectly. Almost every city now has dance schools that include the Tango Argentino in their course programs. There, you get to know many different dancers, and friendships quickly form. If you are looking for a steady dance partner, that's not a problem. By registering with us, you can find male and female dancers who share a passion for the Tango Argentino. And who knows? Your ideal dance partner might live just around the corner!

Video Preview - Tango Argentino

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